Filipino Photographer is Featured on Vogue Italia

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So many Filipinos are making names abroad, and we have another addition to an ever-growing list: MJ Suayan, a Filipino fashion photographer, was featured on the website of Vogue Italia, the Italian edition of the prestigious fashion magazine.

The website quoted Suayan’s history, saying, “To keep myself sane I needed an outlet and it was photography and it saved me from depression. My photography then was so dark, and eventually, it evolved, it may be dark still but the darkness now is more of an aesthetic than an emotion. I have already moved on.”

Vogue Italia also featured some of his images, which are a mix of photography, chemical and digital manipulation, painting, and scanning.

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MJ Suayan 2

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According to Suayan, he was exposed to fashion photography when he was signed on to the now-closed artist management agency Jed Root in 2014.

On his style, Suayan said, “I am not the typical fashion photographer. I am experimental, I like to try new things and infuse these processes into my photography. For me, fashion photography now shouldn’t be like just a window display… It should be like a dream… a vision.  I guess that’s what sets me apart from the others,  it’s the vision.”

For his next project, he is working on his second solo show, which will be on display outside the Philippines.


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