Filipino-made 12-in-1 herbal tonic, a powerhouse of antioxidants: Golden Herbs

It’s either their busy lifestyles or their lack of awareness about healthy food and drinks that many Filipinos could very well end up suffering from serious health complications sooner than later.


A nutraceutical-quality drink made from 12 premium herbs formulated by a respected Filipino pharmacologist who was among the topnotchers in the 1971 Pharmacy Board Exams, can correct internal body imbalances, help in the healing process and boost the body’s immune system.


The herbs mixed in the drink called Golden Herbs Tonic, according to Empower Marketing Inc. president Josefina Elicano, approach pharmaceutical standards  in providing health benefits that complement the treatment dispensed by medical professionals especially to those under medication and even for those not suffering from any illnesses. 






The synergy of the herbs, Elicano said, means correct dosage where the strength of one herb, if combined with the others, becomes stronger.


Two of the 12 herbs – – lagundi and sambong – are among the 10 medicinal plants listed by the Department of Health as having been tested and clinically proven for their medicinal value. Know for its analgesic effect, lagundi helps in the treatment of colds, fever, flu, asthma and other broncho-pulmonary disorders. Sambong, which works as a diuretic, is used in the treatment of kidney disorders.


The other herbs in the product include noni, banaba, ginger, sampaluk-sampalukan, gotu kola, turmeric, kelp, reishi, ginseng and pandan. They are effective for their anti-bacterial properties and are effective in treating different health conditions like diabetes, arthritis, hepatitis, mental fatigue, venuos leg ulcer, among others.


The master ingredient in Golden Herbs Tonic is noni, a source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Antioxidants are known for preventing diseases like cancer and slowing the aging process. Cancer is a leading cause of death around the world and according to WHO estimates, 84 million people will die of it between 2005 and 2015 without intervention. More than 70 percent of all cancer deaths occurred in low and middle-income countries.


More information about the BFAD-registered product can be obtained from Empower Marketing ( at 534-6843. It’s a 100 percent Filipino-owned company established in 2001 to provide Filipinos with healthy products made from the country’s premium herbal medicinal plants.  It is owned and managed by Antonio and Josefina Elicaño.


Filipino-made 12-in-1 herbal tonic, a powerhouse of antioxidants

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