Filipino Hard Rock Band TALATA Releases Their Most Potent Single To Date, “Confession”

Thriving on explosive live sets, a hardworking band ethic, and defying the odds of both time and musical trends, local hard rock band TALATA is firing on all cylinders with their latest single “Confession,” which is available now on all digital music platforms and streaming sites. 


The track, which is packed tightly with high octane guitar riffs, stop-and-go rhythm dynamics and an evident and explosive power-pop vibe and lyrical tension that both recalls the early days of the band, yet sonically signals that the group has comfortably charted the waters and realized its strengths; it seems not to mention that they’ve found that the modern ethic of releasing music per single has contributed an added focus to their overall output. 

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“With “Confession,” I like to think that we found the perfect combination of avoiding being overwhelmed with so many ideas, and really focusing on making the best song possible,” shares vocalist Reyg Linao, when asked where the inspiration and fire behind the track came from. “In the past, we found that it was a bit limiting, and the risk of sounding repetitive was pretty high since the entire band was thinking about an album – an entire body of work – before we had finalized some of the songs. This time, it made things exciting working on just one song, and treating it in a way that we wanted to make it the best. Anything that got left out in the writing process, we’d use in the next: making the possibilities endless and more exciting.”


Watching the band members excitedly talk about the changes in the  creative process, experiences playing overseas and even the more collectively aesthetic aspects of their group’s presence onstage, it’s easy to see that things are seemingly being kicked-into overdrive towards the end of the year, and the band is charging head-first and with full-steam into 2020. 


“We decided not to prolong the process of writing new songs after our last release ‘Rise,’ explains guitarist and de facto leader Jomal Linao, when asked if experience of writing the new single proved to be quick. “Before, it took us an average of four or five months before we’d start working again, but this time, we just agreed to keep going, and not wait for the results of whatever previous work we had accomplished; our main point and focus was to keep moving forward. So once we got started, we pretty much kept working until it was done.”


Alongside bandmates – guitarist James Roy Linao, bassist Anton Lanario and drummer Dacky Clamor – both Reyg and Jomal excitedly revealed that aside from “Confession” now being officially available online through spotify and on all digital music stores (the official release date being November 22nd, 2019), as well as the track’s official lyric video premiering on and all video streaming platforms recently, Talata will furiously be touring behind the official music video, which is directed by Jake Olaso and soon to be released before the band embarks on the following tour dates:


Nov 29 – LAGUNA (Dapip Foodpark)
Dec 6 – CAVITE (Flip and Beyond Restobar)
Dec 13 – NUEVA VIZCAYA (Nueva Vizcaya Convention Center)
Dec 14 – MANILA (Cabin 420 Makati)
Jan 11 – MANILA (70’s Bistro QC)


“It’s very important to us now – as a band – that everything is taken to the next higher level,” shares Reyg, as Anton interjects: “aesthetics, the way we interact onstage with both each other and the crowd and of course, our skills as musicians… we really made a conscious decision as a group to better our game and improve everything about the band. The best catalyst for these changes was the band openly communicating with each other…” Lanario adds, and finishes: “we agreed that there’s no better feeling in the world than playing live, and seeing that audiences appreciate what we’re doing. So we’re going to keep on doing everything better than before.” FIN


For more information on TALATA and their latest single “Confession,” and for additional tour dates log on to the band’s page and follow them on Instagram via @talatamusic. For bookings, contact Orion Management at 0917.466.6978