Filipino Gamers win NBA 2K16 Asia PS4 Asia Tournament in Taipei Game Show

We’ve proven ourselves to be one of the best when it comes to real-life basketball, now we’ve proven that we’re also one of the best in cyber basketball.

During the Taipei Game Show — one of the biggest gaming events in Asia — Filipino gamers showed their power in the cyber sport, winning the grand prize in the NBA 2K16 PlayStation 4 Asia Tournament finals.

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Aminolah “Rial” Polog Jr. went home with the $2,500 grand prize, while Wilmer “Ming” Magno came in second, bagging the $1,200 runner-up cash prize.

640 participants joined the 2k tournament, but only six made it to the finals in Taipei: Magno and Polog were among them.

Magno and Polog faced each other in the final game after defeating four other players in a round robin tournament to decide the top three players. Third place went to Taiwanese player, Chien Chun Chieh, who brought home the $800 prize.

Polong Jr. chose the Oklahoma Thunder as his team for the final match, while Magno picked the Cleveland Cavaliers. in the end, Polong managed to edge up against magno for a  final score of 51-40.

NBA 2k

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