Filipino Foods (California Gurls Parody) Video

Ok, so my friends from Sydney, Australia  made this YouTube parody of California Gurls a while ago and so many people requested that they make a video for it. They took a trip to the Philippines and videoed everything that they ate, and everyone that they ate with. They just got back from the Philippines and finally finished this video!!!

This song is for all of the Filipinos and for anyone that likes eating Filipino food.

Filipino Foods (California Gurls Parody) by Don Angelo ft Cristian Garcia.


Shoutouts to all of Don’s pinsans in the Philippines!! Babalik ako next year! 😀 Miss ko kayo!

The artists who made this video, “Filipino Foods (California Gurls Parody),” are Filipinos from Sydney, Australia.

You can check out their YouTube page here –

When In Manila. remember to try all the yummy Filipino food and make a cool parody from it!

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