Filipino Director Wishes Local Shows Were More Like the K-Dramas of Today — Here’s Why

“Start Up,” “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay,” and “Itaewon Class.” These are just some of the Korean dramas that have grown in popularity over the last year. What do they have in common? Stories that put a spotlight on real societal issues and characters you can’t help but genuinely relate to.

This is the observation of local movie and television director Jose Javier Reyes in a recent Facebook post he shared, comparing these K-Dramas with Filipino soap operas.

kdrama vs filipino teleserye

“START UP is about setting up businesses. IT’S OK NOT TO BE OK is about mental health. LIFE is about health care and business. ITAEWON CLASS is about dignity in ambition. SKY CASTLE is about parents and education. RECORD OF YOUTH is about choices in life and the sacrifices you make,” he began on his post.


He then lamented how local teleseryes continue to use overused plot points and stereotypical characters that are most of the time quite far from reality.

Eh, tayo nagkakapalitan pa rin ang mga babies sa ospital, may nawawalang diary, may kabit na kampon ni Satanas , kulot pa rin ang buhok ng kontrabidang babae habang banat ang inaaping martir na bidang babae, laging late pa rin ang pulis sa krimen,” he said.

Palpak ang lahat ng kidnappings, alagad ng kadiliman ang lahat ng mga mayaman, hindi nilikha ni Lord ang mabait na biyenang babae at stepsister at laganap pa rin ang hindi magamot-gamot na amnesia na mas masahol pa sa COVID19. DIYOS KO, ‘DAY!

[“But in our case, babies are still being swapped in the hospital, diaries are misplaced, there are third-parties who are henchmen of the devil, female antagonists still have curly hair while pitiful female protagonists have straight hair, and police are still late to the scene of the crime.

“All kidnappings are failures, all wealthy folks are shady, step-mothers and step-sisters are always bad, and there’s always going to be a person who gets incurable amnesia, which seems to be depicted as far worse than the COVID-19. My god!”]

A few celebrities commented on Director Joey’s post to agree with his points and share their own thoughts about the topic. Some of them include actress Ina Feleo, who shared a photo of herself on set in character as an antagonist, Wilma Doesnt, who added the fact that protagonists of local shows are always fair-skinned, and Janice De Belen, who expressed her support for Director Joey’s views.

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Director Joey’s post is a stark contrast to acclaimed director Erik Matti’s, who previously drew flak for sharing his opinion that the local entertainment industry is in danger of losing Filipino viewers to the “faux-cinderella” stories of K-Dramas, following the news that the top ten most viewed shows on Netflix Philippines were mostly Korean love stories.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree with what Director Joey said? Share your opinions with us in the comments!

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