Filipino Dance “Tinikling” Featured on US Sitcom

Filipino Dance “Tinikling” Featured on US Sitcom 

“Tinikling” is known as one of the most popular traditional Filipino dances. It involves the use of two bamboo poles placed parallel each other on the ground and then tapped against each other while the performers step in and out in a rhythmic pattern. The name tinikling is in reference to the birds locally known as tikling. The dance is an imitation of the movement of the tikling bird dodging bamboo traps set by rice farmers. The dancers mimic the bird’s speed and grace by skillfully maneuvering between the bamboo poles.

Tinikling was recently featured on the US Sitcom “The Middle”. They even posted this tweet in relation to the episode.

Tinikling (1)

One of the show’s characters, Sue Heck, was required to perform tinikling in order to pass gym class to graduate and go to college. Sue does the test and dances tinikling with Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off in the background.

See Sue’s performance on the video below.


The Middle is a US sitcom that airs on ABC. It revolves around the life of Frankie, and her husband, Mike, along with their three children, Axl, Sue, and Brick. It is currently on its sixth season.

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Filipino Dance “Tinikling” Featured on US Sitcom 

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