Filipino Blogging Community Mourns: Coy Caballes the Filipino Vlogger Will Always Be Remembered

Coy Caballes: The Filipino Vlogger Will Always Be Remembered

Coy Caballes RIP

Vince Golangco with Coy Caballes at the Globe Tatt Awards 2013 started as a video blog. During the early 2009 days, we noticed that there were not a lot of vloggers (video bloggers) in Manila or the Philippines. So my friends and I decided to try and tap into that wide open market. 

Upon doing our research, only one name popped up, and it was Coy Caballes. 

I believe I first met Coy at a WordPress event. Upon telling him that I was also trying to vlog, he immediately shared with me tips and great advice on how he had gotten to the level of success he was at. It wasn’t long before we started talking about collaborations and working together on projects. 

Our first project together was when Coy Caballes asked us to create a video for the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards with the theme of: “One Blogging Nation.” Here’s our amateur video we made for that with Coy’s guidance:


 What If Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio were Bloggers


Coy’s not in the video himself, but the whole reason that video exists is because of him.  

Below is one of my favorite vlogs from Coy, when he got to meet our idol, one of the top vloggers in the world and possibly the first ever Filipino internet star, Christine Gambito, better known as HappySlip:


 Happy Time with Happy Slip in the Philippines. Coy Caballes with Christine Gambito Happy Slip


I just wanted to send our condolences to Coy Caballes’ family and friends. He was such a great guy! And I’m not just saying that! Coy was really one of those people whom, despite his success, never had anyone saying anything negative about him! Seriously, I don’t recall anyone ever having any problems with Coy at all!  He was such a nice guy! 

It’s a real loss for this world. I feel like I’ve personally lost a friend and mentor of sorts in Coy who gladly helped me out with blogging and vlogging when was just new at this. 

Thanks for everything Coy! You will always be remembered and know that we think only good thoughts whenever your name is mentioned. 

Rest in peace Coy Caballes. You will be missed buddy! =( 


HappySlip Christine Gambito Coy Caballes RIP WhenInManilaHappySlip Christine Gambito Coy Caballes RIP WhenInManila Vlogger


Photo from Jane Uymatiao (Jane’s dedication to Coy)


Coy Caballes: The Filipino Vlogger Will Always Be Remembered