This Filipina Shares Photos of Toronto Celebrating After the Raptors Win the NBA Finals 2019

Kat Omaña is a Filipina, who is currently in Toronto for business until next week. From the time she got to Toronto, she shares that people have talked a lot about the finals. “I’ve seen their excitement and pride for the Raptors,” she gushes. “It’s truly amazing!”

While Kat praises the Golden State Warriors for being a great team, she admits that she really hoped the Raptors would win because she admires the team, their skills, and how they manage their composure on the court. “Also, it’s hard not to root for the Raptors when I’m here and surrounded by their loyal fans,” she adds.

Kat shares that she thinks this was one of the best finals in a long time with great play from both teams. While she watched yesterday’s game from her hotel, she shares that she went downtown to celebrate with her colleague after the Raptors won.

Kat Osmena Toronto Raptors NBA Finals 4

Kat Osmena Toronto Raptors NBA Finals 1

Apparently, a lot of people did the same. Friends, families, and even their pets could be seen during this amazing night. “The vibe was different,” Kat says. “There was camaraderie and everyone was so happy!”

Kat Osmena Toronto Raptors NBA Finals 3

Kat Osmena Toronto Raptors NBA Finals 2

Yesterday was definitely one for the books – not just for the Toronto Raptors, but also for their fans in Toronto and around the world. If you’re a Raptors fan, how did you celebrate their win? Share your stories with us!

All photos in this article are from Kat Omaña.