Filipina Maid Allegedly Abused Abroad Rescued Because of Facebook Post

Filipina Maid Allegedly Abused Abroad Rescued Because of Facebook Post


Many may complain that social media has made everyone’s attention spans shorter, but you have to admit, it’s news like this that make social media sites like Facebook a godsend. The Philippine embassy in Bahrain confirmed that they rescued Abby Luna, a Filipina maid in Bahrain who was allegedly raped by her employer’s son. She made her situation public through a Facebook video, which was shared 78,000 times and liked 19,000 times.

According to foreign ministry spokesman Charles Jose, “The rescue was prompted by the video message… She is now under the care of our embassy.”

Last Thursday, Abby posted a three-minute video where she was seen crying and saying that her employer’s son, allegedly a drug addict, raped her. She then implored viewers to call the Philippine embassy on her behalf.

According to her, he punched her legs to immobilise her. After he abused her, he threatened to kill her and bury her in the desert if she told anyone about what happened.

She tried to tell her employer, but they wouldn’t believe her, and asked her to finish the last two months of her contract before going home. She has been working with the family for over a year. Her employer also told her to get an abortion if she got pregant.

The following day, Philippine embassy officials and staff from Abby’ss employment agency picked her up from her employer’s house. Police is currently investigating the situation, but the son denied raping her.

Watch Abby’s video below:



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