Filipina Gets Recognition for Her Courage After a Driver Harassed Her While She Was Sleeping

To recognize her courage against sexual harassment, the Land Transportation Office – National Capital Region (LTO – NCR) recently awarded a female passenger when she spoke up against a Transport Network Vehicle Service (TNVS) driver who sexually harassed her.

At the LTO – NCR’s flag raising ceremony this morning, the passenger and complainant Gillian Cortez was given a Certificate of Appreciation.

Gillian’s tweet went viral after she complained about a driver, whom she allegedly caught lifting her skirt when she woke up after falling asleep during her ride.

In her statement at the flag raising ceremony, Gillian admitted that this wasn’t the first time she had experienced sexual harassment from a driver in a public vehicle.

The driver in question did not show up at the hearing. According to the investigation, the driver abused his role as a TNVS driver. Because of this, the driver’s license has been canceled. The LTO – NCR has also submitted case records against the driver in question to the Philippine National Police (PNP) in order to give proper action.

Gillian has thanked the LTO – NCR for the quick resolution to her complaint. “I want to thank the LTO for making sure that at least one guy is not going to do this again to other women,” she says.

She also wants to tell all of the victims of sexual harassment out there not to be afraid to approach the LTO or any other authorities if ever they experience anything similar.

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