LOOK: Filipina Artist Rian Gonzales’ First Published Comic Cover is for Betty and Veronica #1

Filipina artist Rian Gonzales, aka rianbowart on DeviantArt, has just announced that she will have her first ever comic cover published this year. The best part? It’s for a comic book series that people from all over the world have come to love through the years: Archie comics, particularly the relaunched Betty and Veronica series.

On her Facebook page, Rian gushed:

HI, GUYS! IT’S OFFICIAL! I HAVE MY FIRST EVER PUBLISHED COMIC COVER!!! What an honor to have done it for Archie Comics and the incredible Adam Hughes who’s writing and drawing Betty and Veronica #1! I used to just collect and read these comics while I was still still a kid.

Fast forward years from then, it’s finally here! I’m so happy! T^T

Rian Gonzales Betty and Veronica Comic Cover

Photo from Rian’s Facebook page.

Congrats, Rian!!! đŸ˜€

Rian is famous for illustrating cute and fun illustrations and I absolutely love what she did for Betty and Veronica. I can’t wait to get my hands on the first comic book of the series, which is set to be released this July 2016.

Are you an Archie comics lover, too? đŸ™‚

Rian Gonzales