Fil-Am Figure Skater Champ Melissa Bulanhagui Joins Philippine Team


When in Manila, 21-year old professional figure skater Melissa Bulanhagui is set to join the roster of athletes who will represent Team Philippines at the Olympics.Bulanhagui is formerly part of Team USA and she has earned medals for them, including a bronze at the 2010 Nebelhorn Trophy in Germany. But she felt now’s the time to focus on giving back to Philippines. 



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“I’m very proud of what I have done for Team USA, I feel like I have done as much as I could for Team USA, now I’m representing the Philippines because I’m a natural-born Filipino citizen. My parents were both born in the Philippines… I’m doing this for my parents so, now I have the chance to represent my roots,” said Bulanhagui.



 On November 2, Bulanhagui will make her debut at the Philippine National Championships. She is still under contract with Team USA which expires on March 2012, so she isn’t entitled to compete internationally for our country just yet. But she will leave for the Philippines next month in preparation for the upcoming competition.



 Fil-Am Figure Skater Champ  Melissa Bulanhagui Joins Philippine Team