Fighting Chronic Diseases: Watsons Compliance Pack is the Key

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WHEN IN MANILA, you don’t have to worry about your maintenance medications, especially for those with chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes and hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol levels).


With WATSONS COMPLIANCE PACKs and the change to a healthy lifestyle, winning over chronic illnesses is easy.




WATSONS first launched their compliance packs last 2010 with the intention of helping Filipinos manage chronic ailments by making the medicines available at 60% cheaper than the innovators or other multinational brands.



This year, as WATSONS celebrates its 10th year anniversary, the company is inspired in making the compliance packs available to more Filipinos by creating a solid partnership with UNILAB. Consumers are assured that the compliance packs are manufactured by a trusted manufacturer so you don’t have to worry because these are very safe and still as  efficient.



With the WATSONS-UNILAB Partnership, Filipinos earned extra savings from buying the compliance packs. This is extremely important to the majority of Filipinos living in the lower and middle class because the savings usually goes to food, shelter and children’s education.



The partnership aims to provide more affordable primary medicines without compromising safety and efficacy. Educating and informing patients is also a priority that’s why compliance packs include a product leaflet that has valuable information about the illness, diet plans and tips on how to stay healthy.




1. Effective medications at very affordable prices.


2. Since medications are only effective if you regularly take them, there is lesser chance of missing medicine intake  because it is packed with 30 tablets per box.



Furthermore, WATSONS decided to  bring down the prices even further in order for more FILIPINOS to afford it.



WATSONS COMPLIANCE PACKS are currently marketed at 80% lower than the leading brands! That’s 20% lower than a year and a half ago.


For senior citizens, an additional 20% discount is accepted; and, for those below 60 years old  with new Philhealth Cards, an additional 15% is also given!


FYI: You may apply for a new color green PhilHealth Card at any SM Business Center.


This is such an admirable move from WATSONS, who believes in a social enterprise where profits are used in helping Filipinos to be healthy and to stay healthy inside and out. 


WHEN IN MANILA, let’s not wait till we are diagnosed with a disease. Let’s fight this by eating healthy, exercising and basically improving our lifestyle to be happy and healthy.



A big congratulations to WATSONS-UNILAB partnership and may they continue to promote health and wellness in the country!



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