FIASCO: Seize the Night


In a time where parties, clubs, and bars are starting to become commonplace and rampant, what makes an event stand out? Ateneo Lex, the makers of the famous and most-talked-about party, proudly presents to you a different kind of Fiasco that is known to be the grandest and boldest one yet. With the recognition of holding last year’s Party of the Year, we audaciously reverberate the kind of vibe we have generated. The exact vibe which makes Fiasco, together with its irrefutably ecstatic crowd, stand-out.

Join us in a night of glamour, sophistication, and indulgence as we bring back to you the party everyone has been waiting for. Release your inhibitions and get ready for a surreal experience which will undeniably push you to seize the night once again –and exhaust it to its limits.

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