FEU Technology Summit 3.0: Technology Maketh Business

By: Ched Dennelie Yu

Secretariat, FEU Tech Summit 3.0

“Technology is a modern business’s armor. The entrepreneurs are the new knights.” Making a business today is never easy. The future that an entrepreneur may encounter could be perilous, making thousands of businesses cease to operate every year. With the rise of modern technology, handling business processes becomes easier and more manageable to fledgling entrepreneurs.

Brilliant computer studies students from FEU Institute of Technology have conceptualized an event about the ever-evolving world of start-ups and businesses. Astounding professionals will educate the participants with strategies on how to fight dastardly old habits in business, employing innovative technologies.

On the 16th of June 2018, a new era of Technology Summits will unfold, briefing trainees on the breathtaking missions that would be traversed. One of the missions is “The Secret Business,” a pitching competition for apprentices who wish to propose their ideas in front of high-caliber artisans. “Breakout Session” is a strategy wherein trainees will embark on multiple missions simultaneously, gathering useful intel on defeating vile business practices. The people behind the wickedly cool secret service aspire to eventually instill to the minds of the participants the right business strategy, knowledge about the latest technology and strict disciplinary actions.

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