Fernando Ortigas: Man Who Gave Php 70 Million to Fund Heneral Luna


Photo from Juan Nationalist on Facebook

Fernando “Nando” Ortigas is a Filipino-Spanish businessman. He is responsible for financing the much acclaimed movie “Heneral Luna.” He, along with Businessman Eduardo Rocha and Atty. Joji Alonso reportedly contributed around Php 70 million to finance the said film.


Fernando Ortigas and Ed Rocha Photo by Hola! Philippines

He also told Film Director J. Tarog that if “Heneral Luna” is a success, he would not hesitate again to finance the next movie project concerning our nation.

According to Inquirer.net Ortigas made a cameo appearance in the critically acclaimed film (which reportedly cost P80 million to produce). He could be spotted during the Spanish dinner party scene where President Emilio Aguinaldo walks in and kisses the hand of an elderly lady.

Eventhough Ortigas was not full blooded Filipino, he considered himself to be and shelled out a great sum of money to “Awaken the Filipino Spirit”

Kudos, Mr. Fernando Ortigas!

Have you watched the film? How did you like it?


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