Fenelley’s Kitchen: Sweet and Spicy Sushi Bakes Worth Jumping Back Into the Craze for

Who said the sushi bake craze is over?

Fenelley’s Kitchen, a local business established in 2018 known for their delicious lasagnas, is ready to spark your sushi bake cravings once more with their own version that you can’t help but sink your teeth into!

fenelleys kitchen sweet and spicy kani sushi bake

Fenelley’s Kitchen is owned and operated by Fenelle Victoria, a single mom to a 4-year-old boy currently living in New Zealand to study Business Management majoring in Brand Management. Despite being miles away, she continues to manage Fenelley’s Kitchen with her Philippines-based team and innovate ways on how to keep it growing amid the pandemic.

According to her, the idea of selling sushi bake came about after consulting a few chefs until her main chef consultant whipped up a delicious recipe that was both unique and recognizable to all sushi bake enjoyers and first-timers.

“It took me a while to think of a way to add a product that will guarantee the same quality of the lasagna [we sell]. And eventually, I thought of consulting a few chefs for this project, and we got incredibly excited with the sushi bake. The main consultant chef of Fenelley’s Kitchen right now used to work for a hotel for 8 years and I trusted his experience and credibility in crafting our new products,” she shared with When In Manila.

“We collaborated in creating the right recipe for this one; he does product tests in the Philippines and I do it here in NZ myself. After months of trying it out with family and friends, we have perfected the sushi bake loved by them and ready for Fenelley’s Kitchen.”

fenelleys kitchen california maki kani sushi bake tub

fenelleys kitchen sweet and spicy kani sushi bake tub

Fenelley’s Kitchen now sells two variants: the California Sushi Bake and the Sweet and Spicy Kani with Crunchy Salmon Belly, both of which use authentic Japanese ingredients and quality cream cheese. A bite of either one guarantees an explosion of flavor in your mouth thanks to its creamy topping and soft bed of rice as well as that kick of heat. I particularly loved the Sweet and Spicy Kani variant because of the crunchy salmon bits layered on top which just add a whole other level of yummy goodness!

Both are available in Sampler trays which are good for 2 to 3 people, Medium trays good for 4 to 6 people, and Party trays good for a family of 8 to 12!

fenelleys kitchen lasagna

Of course, no experience with Fenelley’s Kitchen is complete without trying their original baked lasagna too. It makes use of no less than New Zealand grass-fed beef, sitting in between sheets of pasta and sealed with four different kinds of quality cheeses, and baked fresh every single day! You can even request to customize your lasagnas—whether it’s adding more beef, having more cheese, or adding just a tinge of spiciness into it.

Fenelley’s Kitchen is also offering first-time customers a delectable treat! Just screenshot this article and show it to them upon ordering to get ₱50 off your first order!

Bon appetit!

Fenelley’s Kitchen


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