Female Thief Steals Bag from Unaware Woman Eating at a Mall

Yup. It’s confirmed: nowhere is safe anymore.

First, we had the motorcycle guys who stole bags from people eating in public, and then we had the car that almost got robbed despite being in a paid parking space, and now we have a bag getting stolen from under the seat in a shopping mall.

Watch as this woman stealthily and carefully checks out her surroundings before hurriedly snatching a woman’s bag from under her chair as she eats at a mall unaware of what’s happening:

The netizen who posted this says she doesn’t hope to get her belongings back anymore, but simply wants justice to be served. As for us, we just want to reiterate that nowhere is safe anymore. Always watch your belongings and keep them safe and close to you.

Got any similar incidents to share? Share them with us, so we can keep warning others!