Feiyue Shoes Landed in Opus to Show Off their Latest Trendy Sneaker Collection

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When In Manila, whether you’re sporty, chic, conservative, or outrageous, we all have our favorite pair of shoes to show off our style. I’ve been hearing news that a new brand of sneakers had just landed in the country, that’s why I visited Opus Restaurant and Lounge, one of the trendiest spots When In Manila, to witness this exciting launch of Feiyue Sneakers in Manila.
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Fey…? What? Well actually its pronounced as “fey-way”, and to be honest it’s also my first time to really find out more about Feiyue Sneakers. Although its European, I had a feeling that Feiyue shoes have roots from Asia, and indeed it appears that these shoes actually have a family tree that traces back to China. Feiyu which means “flying forward“, originated in Shanghai and was first used as KungFu or Wushu shoes. It was then re-launched by a French entrepreneur and this east meets west collaboration is now set to conquer the global fashion scene.
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I know you think this is just another addition to the growing line of canvas shoes and sneakers, but what made it stand out is its vintage inspired designs. I was able to take a peek into their vast collection and I found these foot holders to be very artsy.

I’m not the biggest fan of sneakers, but I instantly fell in love with their eye-popping colors and retro designs.

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Feiyue A.S. (Association Sportive) series
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  Feiyue 10N28E models
If you’re the type who’s not very experimental, they also have the classic cuts and designs. These classic Feiyue designs are plain and simple, yet very stylish. Feiyue shoes are made of canvas and rubber soles, it’s light weight and designed to feel like you’re barefoot — so you can really say these shoes are made for walking.
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 Feiyue Lo Collection
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 Feiyue Plain Collection
Sneakers are a staple in every closet and I know you’re itching to have a pair of those, so When In Manila be sure to try on Feiyue’s colorful new designs. Now we can be wearing sneakers without sacrificing style or fashion!

Have it your way and choose the Feiyue sneaker design that fits you best.

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feiyue logo
Feiyue Shoes Landed in Opus to Show Off their Latest Trendy Sneakers Collection