Feel like royalty without breaking the bank with these luxe, modern pieces!

Don’t let anyone tell you you aren’t royalty! 

You know what I firmly believe? I’m a princess. No, no one’s ever told me I am nor has anyone informed me of some hidden royal lineage (if I am and you’re aware, now’s the time to tell me!), but I still believe in it. And I believe that you are, too, fellow royal! So why not dress the part?

Urduja Jewelry creates unique pieces for the modern Filipina. Each design is carefully made to cater to the modern, stylish woman in you while still maintaining a classic and royal vibe. These pieces are so lux-looking and dainty but you don’t have to drain your bank account to have them! That’s a win-win situation in my eyes.

The Raindrop. So pretty with some gold bangles and a fringe bag for a night out!

The modern trends with jewelry have been showcasing minimalist but still very precious-looking pieces and Urduja embodies this. Look how lovely and dainty our models look with these necklaces! And that crown ring? Adorable. If you’re worried that an actual crown on your head is too much for mere mortals, wear it proudly on your finger instead for just a subtle touch of royalty in your day-to-day.

The Bituin Lariata very pretty way of saying that someone’s got you starry-eyed!

Maybe you yourself don’t identify as royalty but you want to show someone else that you think they are, instead! These make for the perfect gifts. Simple but still captures a personality so effortlessly. You’re sure to capture their hearts with these gifts! The Bituin Lariat is a great, innovative piece, the star hanging right through the metal circle to add a quirky, pretty touch to the everyday.

⭐ You’re a star 

The gem heart in case wearing it on your sleeve is something you’re not as into–Urduja’s got you!

Accessories are great for spicing up your wardrobe and can pull a look together. We think these beauties are just perfect for it. I personally maintain a very relaxed but feminine aesthetic and these pieces fit right in. You can even layer them up if you’re not satisfied with just one. That’s a very trendy move nowadays. 😉

Urduja Co.

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