Feed, Filter and Followers: 5 Instagram Tips Shared By Bloggers

I’m sure all of us have our own Instagram feed inspirations, filter goals, and a secret little dream of growing our followers on social media.

But hey, it’s not entirely impossible to have all those! Luckily, we scored tips from lifestyle bloggers on how to achieve a curated feed, lovely filter and surely, new followers will follow! (pun intended)

5. Debbie and Demmie Fermin

“Know the audience you cater to. Keep your account updated, and interact with people.”


4. Vern Enciso

“Find a color palette and stick to it. Pick one that is pleasing to your own eyes, then make sure that each picture you post will have that to make your feed look more uniformed.”


3. Kally Araneta

“Tell a story through your photos. Don’t just post what everyone else is posting. Be authentic!”

“Everyone loves a curated feed! Try to stick to one color palette!”


2. Verniece Enciso

“Everyone loves a curated feed! Try to stick to one color palette!”


1. Jerro Santos

“Define your niche and research the most popular hashtags and accounts in that category/industry. Say you’re a coffee shop with similar products as Starbucks, you definitely don’t want to use their official hashtag (like #StarbucksPH or #StarbucksCoffeePH) but you can visit those hashtags and like/comment on those photos, so that when the users find that you offer similar products or service, they just follow your account. You can also use the geotagged photos to engage with followers/customers of similar account. This is ten times better than including a lot of hashtags in your posts.”


In no time, you can make the most out of your Instagram account too!

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t do all these just for social media. Remember to live life to the fullest!

Because if you do, we’re pretty sure all the good photos will follow.

Did you find these tips helpful? Tell us in the comments.