Feature Writing 101 from Writer’s Block Philippines



When inManila and thinking of honing your Feature writing skills, then let the gorgeous ladies of Writer’s Block Philippines show you how.



Chockful of handy tips and precious advice, their Feature Writing 101 workshop aims to harness the hidden wordsmith in all of us.



Who knew that there was more to creating great Feature articles then having grammatically correct sentneces and catchy, lyrical  alliterations?  At Feature Writing 101, you get to learn the very basics such as characteristics of an engaging literary piece and building up on your research and resources, understand what makes a good lead, and what hooks your readers to continue going through your work.



I love how we participants are encouraged to ask questions and participate in the discussions.  As they say, the only stupid question is the one left unasked.



I especially enjoyed the actual writing and critique portion where you are given a chance to use your newfound knowledge in creating what could probably be the beginnings of your Pulitzer-award winning entry. 



So when in Manila and dreaming of becoming one helluva Feature writer, sign up for Writer’s Block PhilippinesFeature Writing 101 workshop and be amazed at what your pen uncovers.



Writer’s Block Philippines




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