Feanne’s “Spells & Specimens” Solo Exhibit 2012

It doesn’t hurt to appreciate fine art once in a while. In this instance, when in Manila catches Feanne Mauricio showing off her mad drawing skills and artistry at Galerie One Workshop.



Spells & Specimens - Feanne's Second Solo Exhibit

Welcome to Feanne’s Solo Exhibit, Spells & Specimens



Feanne’s second solo art exhibit, Spells & Specimens, provides the audience with a glimpse to the mysteries of the night. The different phases of the moon, for example, are tastefully shown on black wood.

Just a sample.



Neutrals are certainly the colors used throughout the exhibit.



A unicorn’s skull


The huge moon above a suspiciously arid land.


Branches and crystals



Crystals: A Study


A very strange combination of crystals and butterflies

A feather and two crystals

A cattle skull and some crystals

The quiet narrative shown in Feanne’s solo exhibit hints at the beauty of death and mysticism. It was very dark and playful at the same time. It’s like the curiosity of a little child and the knowledge and experience of an adult intermingled to form these works of art.

There’s beauty in death.


Possibly the best work in the bunch

Crystals and fangs 

So when in Manila, specifically Makati City, don’t forget to drop by the LRI building to catch some of the best from the emerging Filipino artists today. 


Feanne’s Spells & Specimens exhibit ran from July 19 to 30, 2012.
One Workshop Gallery (Galerie One Workshop)
3/F LRI Design Plaza
N Garcia St, Makati




Feanne’s “Spells & Specimens” Solo Exhibit 2012

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