Our 10 favorite reactions to IHOP changing its name to IHOB

Some marketing decisions are better than others. This has been… divisive at best. Hilarious at worst. IHOP, known for their breakfast, decided to take a leap of faith and hook onto another thing on their menu: Their burgers. Which is why they are now IHOB (The “B” stands for burgers if you didn’t quite grasp that).

In an almost strange turn of events, this entire rebrand has blown up. Here are our favorite reactions, comebacks, and memes about the change from IHOP to IHOB!

10. Netflix throwing a bit of shade

9. An important reimagining of the acronym

8. Another important, more alternative rock, reimagining

7. Other places weight in

6. You can hear the fear in this one

5. A more political standpoint

4. I wonder if this is in their service training

3. A classic

2. Such a helpful waiter

1. This is a load of…

What do you think of the entire rebrand? Let us know!

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