Our Favorite Costumes at XYLO’s Stellar Halloween Ball

Halloween is no doubt one of our favorite holidays because we get to exhibit our creativity by making/designing our costumes. XYLO at the Palace’s Stellar Halloween Ball was the perfect event to showcase said outfits.

Most of the attendees went all out with their OOTN (Outfit Of The Night)! You can see how well everyone prepared for the ball! Here are a few photos from the Halloween Party:

Solenn and her crew strutting their stuff

We have DJ Marshmello, or in this case, DJ Marshmellos?

Prince Eric is here, but where’s Princess Ariel? Couldn’t trade her fins for legs?

Figures, Ursula is here. She probably sabotaged Ariel and Eric’s moment again.

Is it the drinks or are we seeing double?

Why don’t we rewrite the stars? At XYLO!

Sadly, the costume I ordered didn’t arrive on time. So, due to time constraints, I had to come up with something easy and fast to DIY two hours before the event. My cousins and I wanted to be in sync with the theme, but had no time to prepare. Since stellar is also connected to “shiny”, we interpreted it… literally.

Here are other DIY outfits we saw at XYLO:

Last minute? No problem! Winged eyeliner and cat ears never fail to save the day!

In the middle, from our favorite TV Show Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Detective Jake Peralta

Red devil horns… The devil wears Prada!

I am living for this DIY nurse’s cap. Why didn’t I think of that?

Shining, shimmering, splendid! STICKERS ARE OUR NEW BEST FRIEND!

And of course, the easiest costume ever: just throw on a mask and ta da! You’re ready for Halloween!

XYLO’s very own AstroRobot stole the show with his neon lights, though.

How did you spend Halloween this year?


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