Father’s Day Ideas: Thank you tatay



Play time with Daddy: Sir Marco and his daughter Amanda                                                                                               



When in Manila… we call our father Tatay , Ama, Itay, and in other countries its Vader, Pere, Papa, Apa, Dad, Πατέρας Pateras.


It doesn’t matter how you call them, it all comes down to one thing. They’re the man in our lives who are irreplaceable.


I think Father’s are like durian, no matter how tough they appear outside they’re soft and sweet in the inside. Most of us will agree that our father


has helped and guided us to become better individuals. We think that at times they’re so hard to please but in reality, they’re boasting about you


with their friends. Our father may have handled parenting differently, some are very controlling, some just let the mother do the lecturing, some


were just loose, and some treat you as if you’re friends. But for me, my dad is someone I know I could depend on, someone I know who’ll watch over


me.,someone I could cry on, when my heart gets broken or when things don’t go as I would have wanted or expected. He’s someone that I know I can


laugh and share my deepest thoughts with. Last but not the least he’ll always be that “someone” who loves me unconditionally.



For this coming father’s day I ask my friends to share their fondest memory and the things they love the most about their father.




Kyla (from Laoag) says: I enjoy cooking with him. He gets mad whenever I don’t eat. He knows how to be friends with my friends. Ang cool


lang.hehehe He worries big time when I’m sick. I will never forget the day when he cried after a friend of mine asked his permission to court me.


He cried because he didn’t want me to get hurt anymore. ayun. i will never ever forget that day. he went into my room after the talk den he sat and


talked to me. I just cried din when i saw him wiping his tears. I love my papikes sooo much.




Clars (from PWU) says: My dad is the gentlest, kindest, sweetest and the most emphatic man for me, and every moment I spent with him made me


a better person


Ms. Roselyn  with her beloved Tatay 



Roselyn Cee(from Pagasinan) says :


Together with my mom, they have made all the difference in my life with their unfathomable love.


My mom has worked abroad since I was about to turn 3 years old and so we (I and my brother) were left with my father and grandparents.    


He has been a mom and dad at the same time and you can’t see any trace of tiredness or exhaustion from him doing two “deadly” roles


simultaneously . He’s  always been very patient with us. He is a disciplinarian, yes, but never authoritarian.


If I may say it in one word, I like “everything” about him as a father. There isn’t any language comparable to how greatly I admire him as a dad: my





Patz with her amazing Dad 



Pats (from US) says: Fondest memory with him is actually everyday naman, especially nung nandyan ako. Hatid-sundo sa school morning


talks, pinagshoshopping niya ko kahit alam niyang ang mamahal ng bibilhin ko. Uhm, Pag nabili niya na yun gusto ko, he would ask out of


nowhere, masaya ka ate? and he smiles when I say yes, for me that means he is happy when he sees me happy.




Tom (from Townsville) says : I think my fondest memory would be going fishing with him. I like that he is strong willed and always does what’s best for


the family.



 Ryan with his cool Dad 



Ryan (from Georgia) says: I think one of my best memories, or the one that first comes to mind, is one day me and my father were picking




He was going to make a cobbler. I was a young kid still (5 or 6), but we were kind of talking about life in my understanding of it, how I should treat


people, girls, etc. I asked him if someone asked me for a blackberry and there was one that I could just reach out and pick off the bush, but they


wanted one farther in surrounded by thorns if I walk through the thornes get it, and he said “yes, if you can, do the best you can for people.” So I



kind of modeled my life after that day. Its a good memory I have of spending time with him.



Ryan and his cool Dad 


Teo(from Greece) says: My father (John) from my first steps is so close to me.. He’s like a father/bestfriend. he knows everything for me.


We are both same. i’m a copy of him. he’s so cool. my best memory of him is everyday he’s breathing near to me, everyday making me laugh and


everyday he show me how much proud he’s for me. i never did something really bad to make him sad this is the most i can do for him.. after 27 years


relationship father’s/ son we have the first problem. health’s problem. NOTHING can keep us away. As close as we are i’ll never let happen


anything. i’m near to you. You gave me everything i wanted as a son and much more. I love you father. Happy father’s day 




Tom with his Dad John 





The greatest gift we could give this coming father’s day is not the extravagant gifts we can buy for them but the appreciation, love and respect


for the man who helped shape our world.


So When in Manila or in other parts of the world… whether you’ll soon to be a dad or a grandfather…to all the special men in my life :Ace, Xave,


Kuya Dj, Kuya Brian, and to my dearest Papa, Happy fathers day!





 Don’t forget to make him coffee, breakfast in bed is also great 🙂 



Father’s Day Ideas: Thank you tatay