Father Warns Public: Group of Men Try to Lure my Child on Minecraft Game



A concerned father, Ian shared his experience while his 8 year old son was playing the famous online game Minecraft. The creative and building aspects of Minecraft enable players to build constructions out of textured cubes. You can also chat and talk to other players from around the world using Minecraft.

While his son was playing the game, he overheard another person on the line who was playing with his son. To his surprise, it did not sound like a child but a middle aged man. The man kept asking his son questions but what really made me jump ship was when he asked “When are your parents not at home? Maybe we can play.” Ian immediately took his son’s gaming device and talked to the man on the other line. When he asked who they were he heard the other line say “You can’t do anything already. He is with his dad, let’s look for another child.”

He aims to share this bad experience to other parents out there to warn them about predators online.

Do you have other experiences? Please share to warn others as well.