Fatbaker.ph Sells HUMONGOUS Cream Puffs and Donuts You NEED to Try

I’ve had cream puffs before, and I’ve had donuts before… but I had never had cream puffs and donuts of this magnitude, that’s for sure!

But we’ll get to that later. I want to talk about the brainchild behind Fatbaker.ph first. 28-year-old Jan Russel Castro, a chef in a pastry kitchen in a 5-star hotel here in Manila, had to go home during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) to take care of his siblings. While trying to have fun amidst the situation, Jan recorded a timelapsed video of himself making some ube cheese pandesal. After he posted the video and the finished product on his social media account, his friends started to ask if they could buy some.


At first, Jan just gave his creations to some of his friends for them to try. When he realized that everyone was keen on buying some, though, he started posting and selling ube cheese pandesal online. It became a hit and trended!

After a few weeks, Jan decided to turn it into an official business. “I grabbed the opportunity to turn this unfortunate turn of events into something beautiful – a new beginning while I’m away from my usual job at the hotel,” he beams. He then added cream puffs, donuts, and cookies to his arsenal… and not just any kind. HUGE kinds. As in HUMONGOUS. I keep saying this because I feel like no one really understands what I mean when I say it. So here’s a photo for reference:

Fat Baker PH Donut Reference

Yes, the donut is almost as big as my face! Despite the huge size, though; Fatbaker.ph’s creations are so good, you’ll be able to finish them anyway. My skinny 10-year-old actually wolfed down two huge cream puffs and two huge donuts in one sitting! And that’s saying something about these treats because my daughter is the pickiest eater I know.

Jan explains that he decided to create them in these big sizes to make them unique and to give off that ‘WOW’ factor when people see it. Well, mission accomplished, Jan! Mission. Accomplished.

Fat Baker PH Nutella Cream Puff

Photo from Fatbaker.ph

As overwhelming as it was opening the boxes and seeing those sizes, it also made me feel giddy – like I was a child again. I loved that feeling of happiness that these treats were able to give us.

Beyond that, it’s great to know that Fatbaker.ph makes sure that all of their pasty and bread products are freshly made and baked everyday. They always make everything from scratch, too – from the dough to the fillings to the crumbled toppings.

Fat Baker PH Donuts

Photo from Fatbaker.ph

It is also clear that they care about their customers. They print out leaflets and stickers with instructions for each product’s shelf life and how they should be properly stored, so your money and your goodies don’t go to waste. They’re even making new print out instructions that has allergens on it, so customers can be aware of the presence of nuts, milk, gluten, and other allergies that could harm them.

Fat Baker PH Red Velvet Cream Puff

Photo from Fatbaker.ph

Fatbaker.ph delivers all around the Metro via delivery couriers, so no more excuses! Try them today or surprise a loved one with them. I guarantee that they will go ‘WOW’ at least three times: once when they open the boxes, once when they try the goodies, and once when they realize how much they’ve eaten by the end of the day. :p

If you love sweets, Fatbaker.ph’s pastries are definite must-tries! Unlike any other pastries, they will leave you satisfied because of their ginormous size and high quality. Are they worth the calories? DEFINITELY.


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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fatbaker.ph

Instagram: @fatbaker.ph

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