Fashion Trends We Should Leave in 2018

2018 had some great fashion trends, but it also had some of the weirdest ones that we should probably leave in the past year. Let’s usher in the new year with timeless and classic style and grace!

Fashion Trends We Should Leave in 2018

Plastic or Clear Shoes

With the Philippines’ unpredictable weather, plastic shoes may be a good idea; but since it can be humid at times, you may end up with sweaty feet. You should probably leave that in 2018.

Fur Sliders

Sliders and comfortable slippers are a thing and most of the time, we look to match comfort with style. I remember walking in the mall and the fur sliders of a lady in front of me were falling apart. We should probably leave this trend in 2018, as well.

Chunky Sneakers

Since luxury brands have been releasing streetwear lines, many have been ecstatic to get a dose of that style. These chunky sneakers, also known as Dad Sneakers, are something many wanted to get their hands on.

Tiny Sunglasses

Let’s face it: these tiny sunglasses don’t really help block the sun. In 2018, these sunglasses were a big hit and everyone was wearing it.

Biker Shorts

You can now give these shorts back to your friends who actually cycle. They are the ones who probably need them.

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Side Stripe Pants

Street was definitely the style of 2018, but I feel like we were getting a little too much of it. The 90s vibe is cool, but we should probably keep this trend away for a while.


2018 was the year of statement pieces for accessories and this little trend of chokers no longer really make the cut.

What are the 2018 trends that you found weird?

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