Fangirl Finds: Shout ‘Blendiarmus’ with Harry Potter Makeup Brushes!

I recently read some beauty fan fiction (yes, that exists) on Total Beauty, where they came up with Harry Potter spells to fix our most-needed beauty struggles.

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Some of my favorites on their list include Removerando, which removes chipped nail polish in a flash; Blendiarmus, which blends your contour and highlight flawlessly; Fleekify, which gives you on fleek eyebrows; and Frizzo Reducto, which gets rid of frizzy hair. Don’t you wish those spells actually existed in real life?

While we may not be able to fix beauty problems in an instant. this fangirl right here found the next best thing: a Metal Wand Magic Brush Set that can help you prettify yourself with your own beauty-inducing makeup skills. Made out of animal-friendly synthetic hair, this set is the perfect gift for every Potterhead.

wand brushes1

What I love most about these wand brushes is how they actually look like they may have come straight out of Ollivander’s. In fact, if Ollivander’s ever decided to branch out into the world of beauty, I’m pretty sure this is what his makeup brushes would look like.

wand brushes4

All 5 wand brushes come with metal handles modeled after some of our favorite wizards and witches of Hogwarts: a blending brush in the form of Albus Dumbledore’s wand, a flat packer brush in the form of Lord Voldemort’s wand, a pencil brush in the form of Harry Potter’s wand, an angled fluffy brush in the form of Ron Weasley’s wand,  and an angled liner/eyebrow brush in the form of Hermione Granger’s wand.

wand brushes2

wand brushes3

Wand (not a typo) a set of your own? Check out What the Box – their Harry Potter-themed mystery boxes sometimes include a set of these brushes that you are sure to love!