Fan Favorites for Robin: Timothee Chalamet vs Aidan Gallagher

When people talk about Batman, it only makes sense to think about Robin, as well. Well, ever since Robert Pattinson was cast as The Caped Crusader, people have been hoping and talking about who could play Robin if ever there might be a need for the character in an upcoming movie sometime – and we are loving the fan favorites… and the fan art that has come with the mentions of their names in the role. Two particular fan favorites we love are Timothee Chalamet and Aidan Gallagher.

Instagram user @mizuriau made a rendition of Timothee Chalamet as Robin, stating in the caption: “I love the fancast (and als0 the Titans Robin suit). Check it out:

Various tweets also called for Aidan Gallagher of ‘The Umbrella Academy‘ fame to be cast in the role of Robin with many suggesting the Damian Wayne version for him.

Twitter user @apexform posted a photo of Aidan with a silhouette of Batman in the background with the caption, “I think I found the perfect Robin… Aidan Gallagher, you up for it?”

Who do you think would make the perfect Robin?

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