FAN CAVE – The Newest Video Series for Geeks Featuring Mikey Bustos and Chris Cantada

FAN-CAVE -The Newest-Video-Series-for-Geeks-Featuring-Mikey-Bustos-and-Chris-Cantada-When-in-manila-1

Fellow geeks Mikey Bustos and Chris Cantada join forces for one of the newest series in YouTube: FAN CAVE

FAN-CAVE -The Newest-Video-Series-for-Geeks-Featuring-Mikey-Bustos-and-Chris-Cantada-When-in-manila-cover

“Co-wokers” by day and “Fanboys” by night, Mikey and Chris enter the ‘Fan Cave’ to talk about popular tv shows, movies, video games, and many more!  By the way, you’ll probably see the most expressive geekgasm ever inside the Fan Cave. I won’t spoil you about when and where it happens so…check out the first episode below which focuses on Star Wars…and one epic lightsaber battle between the hosts!



Watch out for Fan Cave’s upcoming episodes for I believe it will continue to have some geekgasmic treats for us all. You can check out the series at Chris Cantada Force TV.


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