Famous Instagram Hand-Holding Couple Ties The Knot!

Do you recognize this series of photos?

Hand-Holding Couple Gets Married 1

Hand-Holding Couple Gets Married 3

Hand-Holding Couple Gets Married 7

You may know Murad Osmann and Natalia Zakharova, the famous jetsetting couple who takes photos of them holding hands in their travels to different countries and cities with the #FollowMeTo series, sparking relationship goals worldwide!!

Hand-Holding Couple Gets Married 8

Hand-Holding Couple Gets Married 4

Hand-Holding Couple Gets Married 9

Well, they’ve added another relationship goal to the list!
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After seeing the world together, now, the lovely globetrotting couple has settled down and gotten married!

That’s right!

After visiting various cities around the world, the couple now invites #FollowMeTo the wedding!

Hand-Holding Couple Gets Married 6

We’ve seen some amazing sights from them, but this has got to be our favorite one yet!

Hand-Holding Couple Gets Married 5

Murad Osmann is a photographer who started the #FollowMeTo series in December 2013.

 Now that they’ve ticked off “travel the world” off their bucket list a long time ago, they’re about to go on their biggest adventure yet.

Congratulations to the happy couple!!

Do you follow this Instagram couple??
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What do you think of their photos?
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