Family Portraits: Local Photographer Takes the Most Amazing Family Pics While on Vacation in Europe

A Filipino photographer took his family on a nice vacation in Europe and he was able to document their trip via some of the most amazing family pictures we have seen.

Oly Ruiz, a wedding photographer and the guy behind the website MyMetroPhoto.com, shared with WhenInManila.com his family’s journey in Europe as seen from his camera.

He said:

Last year when me and my family traveled to Europe, I had the idea of preparing for it so the shots that we would take to all the places we’ll go to would be awe-inspiring and one of a kind. We were able to go to a lot places and execute it in a variety of ways.

He also added:

Enjoy and take inspiration with all these family photos that me and my family worked for and immensely enjoyed. I may not afford the most luxurious of things for them yet (or even ever), but at least I can give the most district of vacation photographs.

Here are some photos from their European trip.


If you want to view the entire set for their family’s trip in Europe, visit Oly’s Europe Family Portraits.

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