Fall in Love With Hanami, the Latest Release of V.C. Buckley, A Rising Filipina Romance Author

“And don’t worry about your new friends.” He suddenly said, “Those that are still there despite learning the truth are the only ones you need.” – Hanami, V.C. Buckley


Love can be found in places where you least expect it. In Sakura Shintani’s case, she never could have imagined that she would ever find a romantic interest in anyone, seeing as she is the heir of one of the most powerful Yakuza clans: the Shintani Yakuza, better known as the Dragon Clan.

However, she is soon required to attend the prestigious Oniyuri Academy in Tokyo, which is filled with the most affluent families in the world, a place where she feels like she won’t belong. Here, she runs into Kenjin Kiyohara, one of the richest and most popular people in the academy.

Of course, this doesn’t interest her one bit. However, it seems like fate has another thing in store.

Follow her story in a suspense-filled action drama in V.C. Buckley’s debut novel in a trilogy, entitled Hanami, which is now available in e-book format and soon in paperback in bookstores near you. See more about Hanami in this fantastic book trailer:

Hanami is an award-winning novel, which garnered second place at the 2015 Beacon Awards, sponsored by the First Coast Romance Writers under the Romance Writers of America. Upon finishing Hanami, I was surprised by how the author mixed aspects of Kendo and the Yakuza into one very well thought-out romance novel. Being a member of IGA Kendo Club, one of the premiere Kendo Clubs in the Philippines, Buckley used her own experience and knowledge in the sport to write about exhilarating Kendo scenes in Hanami.
I was given a chance to interview this rising Filipina romance author and hear her words to other aspiring writers out there:
What are your ambitions for your writing career?
– To write something that will make people remember me long after I die.
Which writers inspire you?
– JK Rowling. Because she never gave up trying, despite all the reasons to. She chose to persevere.
I love your main character, Sakura Shintani. Who inspired you to make her character?
– I was inspired mostly by circumstance. I had always wanted to make a story about female leads that can kick butt.
What draws you to the romance genre?
– I am drawn to the magic of love. It has the power to transform a person, and either good or bad is entirely up to the writer.
When did you decide to become a writer?
– I started writing when I was seven. I started with children’s stories-often a remake of popular fairytales that my father used to read for me. because I wanted a different ending in most of them. I wanted the heroines to be strong and the heroes to be more than just a handsome aristocrat.

What made you decide to sit down and actually start something?
– I got tired of reading the same thing. I was thirsting for a book with female leads that could take care of themselves. That didn’t bat an eyelash no matter how gorgeous or wealthy the hero was. I wanted it to be more than that.
Where do the your ideas come from?

– Inspiration is everywhere. Do not underestimate daydreaming.

What is the hardest thing about writing?
– To start is hard, and to end is hard. I find myself doing many rituals before I start because I don’t want to be interrupted when I start. And sometime I write myself to the point where my fingers get numb but the ideas and the words are flowing. I don’t want to stop.What was the hardest thing about writing your latest book?
– Dealing with distraction. Being a mother, wife and athlete, my time is divided into many things that require my attention, so i had to develop the discipline to stay focused and committed to finishing what I start, and to know my priorities. It can get hard when friends want to meet up because they havent seen me in months but I rarely notice the time that has passed.What is your favorite motivational phrase?
– Keep writing till The End.What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
– Don’t give up. The journey may be hard and solitary, but if this is what you love, fight for it.

Know more about this kickass author and purchase Hanami at the links below. If you want to get her book locally, you can shoot Buckley an email at vcbuckleybooks@gmail.com

V.C. Buckley

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