Fake Prostitutes are Stealing Photos and Luring Men to Send Them Money

You may think that identity theft online does not really happen until it happens to you. Sometimes, you think it is just a way for people to keep you from going on to Facebook and getting hooked on your phone. But in reality, identity theft can be a terrible experience.

People who steal identity can impersonate another person for a number of reasons and none of these reasons are good. Sometimes the thief steals an identity to destroy someone else’s reputation. Sometimes it is to make a purchase. Or sometimes, it is to ask for money from other people.

Recently, a model and one of our friends in WhenInManila.com,  got some of her photos stolen and used to create fake accounts of women that seem to be fake prostitutes who lure men into sending them money.

Two fake accounts, Lovely Cait and Cait Borja, were created using stolen photos.

Apparently, the fake identities pretending to be other girls are “walkers” – a euphemism for prostitutes.


The fake account even posts a photo of an alleged three-way.


What is even more disturbing is that these fake accounts are interacting with people online, luring men into sending them money.

_sheila snow fake account 5 blurred _sheila snow fake account 5

Here are the links to the fake accounts:



Just click “Report.”

Choose “They’re pretending to be me or someone I know,” and submit it to Facebook for review.

report fake sheila snow account 2

With any luck, we hope these fake prostitute accounts get taken down.

Any tips how to protect yourself against identity theft like this online? Share them with us.