Fake Deadpool Interview Fools Netizens into Believing That He Supports Duterte

I came across some interesting “news” this morning. Apparently, a Philippine website was lucky enough to speak to Ryan Reynolds on the set of Deadpool… and get this: apparently, Ryan Reynolds supports Rodrigo Duterte! This interview spread like wildfire, particularly amongst Duterte supporters, since the interview “photo” had the following caption underneath:

fake deadpool interview 2

The caption reads: “We know this looks like a fake photo of us speaking with Ryan Reynolds  on the set of Deadpool – but it’s not. This is legit, yo!” Sadly, some gullible people didn’t get the tone behind it and took the caption to be true.

The interview contains a history of Deadpool, amongst other things, and at the end of it, Deadpool allegedly says “vote for Duterte!” Why? “Let’s just say me likey his ‘methods.’ Interpret that however you want.

fake deadpool interview 4

Sadly, a lot of people also took the entire interview seriously and started cropping and taking screenshots of parts of it to prove that the interview is legit and that Ryan Reynolds is, in fact, a Duterte supporter. Once the following screenshot went viral, it seems like no one even read the interview anymore:

fake deadpool interview 5

I have already contacted the said website to suggest that they put a disclaimer about the interview being satirical, but for those who may miss it, please understand that the entire interview was meant to be funny. Please stop spreading rumours that Ryan Reynolds supports Duterte. The interview never happened. It is fake. I just felt like you needed to know. Please let others know, too. 🙂