Faith in Humanity Restored: Jollibee Staff Helps a Disabled Man Eat

As much as we want good things to happen the world over, the fact of the matter is that that simply doesn’t happen. In fact, it has become quite rare to witness good deeds nowadays that we simply cannot help but share good deeds when we see them on the Internet. Case in point: this Jollibee staff member who helped a man without arms eat his food in their Agoo branch.

Jollibee man with no arms 4

Marie Zelda B. recently shared these photos on her Facebook account along with the following caption: “I was touched with this act of kindness. Parehas pong walang kaliwa’t kanang kamay si lolo [the old man no longer had his left and right arms] and he was eating by reaching his mouth to the food on his plate.”

Jollibee man with no arms 5

“Then came the crew (Jemcy Garcia Carino) and helped him out. I actually shared his table while I waited for my order.
Keep it up, Jollibee Agoo.”
Jollibee man with no arms 6

Hopefully, by sharing this good deed, more people will follow suit and remember to help out whenever they can and are comfortable in doing so. 🙂

Have you witnessed or done any good deeds lately? Share them with us! 🙂