Faith in Humanity Restored: 4 Kids Save Bruised Tarsier in Bohol


Just when we always hear heartbreaking news of animals, especially endangered species, getting hurt or killed by people, four kids from Bohol turned this around when they rescued a bruised tarsier and brought it for treatment.

According to a post on, Niño Lopena and his three friends in Barangay Bool were searching for some spiders when they saw a tarsier drop into the shrubs. Upon seeing this, they rushed to pick up the tarsier and brought it to a village councilor.

The village councilor then called the Telephone and Radio System Integrated Emergency Response (Tarsier) 117 for help. Then, they brought the tarsier to the Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary (PTWS).

The tarsier, who was found weak and with bruises around the eyes, will be kept under observation before it can be released back to the wild.

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