Failing Forward Conference 2016 Finished with a Jam-Packed Crowd


As the Philippines celebrated the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) with 160 countries around the world, the Young Entrepreneurs Society of the Philippines in collaboration with Miriam College hosted this year’s Failing Forward Conference at the Marian Auditorium, Loyola Heights Quezon City last November 19, 2016.

The Failing Forward Conference is the highlight event of GEW in the Philippines. Supported by renowned government officials, business tycoons and leading entrepreneurs the event is an inspirational keynote conference that aims to inspire and motivate attendees through the epic experiences and success stories of the roster of influential and excellent speakers.

This year’s Failing Forward Conference was attended by over a thousand enthusiastic students from different universities throughout the Philippines, entrepreneurs and startup owners who learned from successful startup founders and entrepreneurs both young and seasoned.

The speakers namely,   Euclid Cezar, owner of the Famous Belgian Waffle; Doy Roque, CEO of M2.0 Communications; Luis Arcangel, CEO of Montgomery Fitch and Associates; Riccardo Corsini, CEO of Skyrocket Studios and Diego Ramos, Co-Founder of Horsepower imparted their insightful, inspiring and tipping point lessons from the challenges and adversities in dealing with the realities of ventures as startup owners. The participants truly had an inspirational and enjoyable experience from the quotable quotes of speakers as they learned how to rise from failures.

Here are some of the lines from their talks:

“One of the few things that is still free in this world: DREAMING”

-Euclid Cezar, Owner of Famous Belgian Waffle

“You always have to get the right people.”

-Doy Roque, CEO of M2.0 Communications

“Take ownership not just from your success but also from your mistakes.”

 -Luis Arcangel, CEO of Montgomery Fitch and Associates

“Don’t think about what you want to excel at, but what you are willing to give up along the way.”

-Riccardo Corsini, CEO of Skyrocket Studios

“When you remove failure, you remove creativity, innovation and purpose.”

-Diego Ramos, Co-founder of Horsepower

A total of 19 schools, half from YES Student Chapters, were awarded with a certificate of recognition and before the conference ended, everyone participated in greeting the other countries with the statement, “Happy Global Entrepreneurship Week from the Philippines, Mabuhay!”

This event is made possible through YES Philippines’ partnership with Global Entrepreneurship Network, Kauffman Foundation and Startup Nations Philippines., Light Network TV and Negosentro are the official media partners of YES Philippines for this event.