“Fafda”: What Could The PCOO Be Trying To Tell Us?

At exactly 1:07 PM on August 18, the Twitter account run by the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) sent a rather cryptic tweet that has left netizens baffled:

pcoo fafda

Just so it’s clear, the PCOO is the communication arm of the Palace, in charge of disseminating information to the masses and the media on the President’s policies, programs, and projects.

Their website shows that one of the functions of the PCOO is to handle the President’s — and subsequently the PCOO’s — social media accounts.

So when the PCOO’s Twitter account posted the following message, it naturally had its readers befuddled. Is “fafda” a new acronym for something, the same way we use FOMO and TBH? Is it a secret message worth decoding? We don’t really know. Some people have likened it to Trump’s “covfefe” gaffe, which made its way into meme fame and heck, even mainstream vocabulary.

Before we do adopt it as a lingo, what does it really mean, though? Leave it to the internet to get creative:

Or, you know, it could have really been all an accident. The tweet has since been deleted.

What do you think fafda means? Let us know in the comments!