Extremely Hot Weather Sends 100 Students To The Hospital

Batangas’ heat index has been soaring to dangerous numbers in the past week, with it reaching 56 degrees Celsius last June 21, Friday. It is believed that this heat actually led to a total of 100 students being sent to the hospital over the course of 2 days last week. 60 students were rushed to the hospital on Thursday afternoon, while a further 40 students were brought there on Friday. Both incidents took place in Bauan Technical High School, who then suspended classes.


These students were sent to the hospital due to symptoms of dizziness, hyperventilation, and fainting for some of them. On Thursday, the students were distressed during an earthquake drill. While on Friday, they fell ill during afternoon classes. Both sets of students quickly recovered and were safely sent home from the hospital.

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Lt. Col. Joemar Labiano, the Bauan police chief, explained to Inquirer that ambulances brought the students to the hospital as they were complaining of lightheadedness and fainting. Officials are of the opinion that it was the heat which weakened the students. Lt. Col. Labiano expressed: “It’s very hot right now here.”

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Despite the arrival of the rainy season, PAGASA warns that the heat will continue in between periods of rain and should therefore still be a cause of concern for us all. Symptoms of heat stroke should be monitored and people ought to stay hydrated in these times.

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