Extreme Adventure: The Plunge at Danao, Bohol


When in Manila and you’re looking for an extreme adventure, you should fly now to Danao, Bohol! Thrill-seekers would definitely love to experience the first ever Canyon Swing in the country, The Plunge!


Upon seeing my friends try the extreme adventure offered by Eco, Educational, Extreme Adventure Tour (E.A.T.) Danao, I chickened out. It’s  mounted over a 200 meter high and 300 meter wide gorge! And you have to do a 45 meter free fall! But seeing the fulfillment in their faces after doing The Plunge, I eventually went for it!



IMG 9800


It was awesome! An extreme adventure it really is! Not only did the pendulum swing give me a taste of how it is to be a superhero but also a good view of the beauty of nature. After The Plunge, I felt invincible. It is a bragging right because I’m the youngest in the group!


So if you’re already wondering how it is to do The Plunge exactly, here it is!



IMG 9657


1. Let the guide do the safety measures. Listen carefully to his instructions. Have faith, The Plunge follows international standards of safety. The swing was designed by experts and the equipments are tried and tested.


IMG 9660


2. Slowly sit down with your back against the gorge.



IMG 96631


3. The platform will be lowered and you have to stand on the edge. Don’t worry, the guide will help you in every step and he will answer all your questions with a reassuring smile.



IMG 96651


4. You have to choose which way to do The Plunge: head or feet first. The former is the more challenging way. Then you’re off to the 45 meters free fall. I tell you, you can’t help but shout!


IMG 96691


5. The guide will ask if you are ready and in the count of five, you’ll hear him shout “Bombs away!” and you’re off to one of the most challenging activities in your life! The pendulum swing measures to a… yes a hundred meter diameter!!!


IMG 9687


 6. The swing is really scary but after a few minutes, you’ll get over the fear and you’d be able to enjoy the beauty of the view. This is the time to smile and look at the cameras up above. Cheers to less than 10 minutes of extreme adventure!


IMG 9702


IMG 9707


7. After the swing, the guide will call you and throw you a rope which you have to fasten to your harness. It’s an easy job.


IMG 9709


IMG 9711


 8. Relax while you’re being hoisted up the platform.


IMG 9712


The Plunge is only one of the sports adventures you could choose from the wide array of choices at the upcoming Philippine Travel Mart (PTM) on August 10-12 at the SMX Convention Center. The 2012 PTM will boast of the best tour vacation packages in Central Visayas which includes the beautiful province of Bohol.


Sounds amazing, right? It’s the perfect extreme adventure! Aside from The Plunge, you could also try other activities at the Danao Adventure Park such as the zipline, root climbing and kayaking. When in Manila, do The Plunge and get an adrenaline rush!


Oh and if you want to see more videos and pics from the Danao Adventure Park and “The Plunge” then check out WhenInManila.com EIC, Vince Golangco’s take from his trip there –  https://www.wheninmanila.com/bungee-swing-plunge-at-danao-adventure-park-bohol-philippines/


For more info, visit www.philtoa.org and www.eatdanao.com



 Extreme Adventure: The Plunge at Danao, Bohol