Explore Nepal, Mt. Everest and the Himalayas


*This is a pre-trip post.


When In Manila, just take two flights and visit Nepal


Visiting other countries is much easier now, thanks to the availability of more flights from different airline companies in the Philippines!  AirAsia flew its first trip from Kuala Lumpur to Nepal last July 3, 2012.  So all you need to do to visit the birthplace of Buddha, Mt. Everest and the Himalayas is to book a flight to KL and from there, fly to Nepal!


Plane ticket to Kathmandu

I bought my ticket from Manila to Kuala Lumpur to Kathmandu and back at a total of P20,000.  Watch out for seat sales because you can get Nepal flights at only P5,000 ++ back and forth.


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Visit our neighboring tourist attractions!  Ever dreamed of seeing Mt. Everest? – Earth’s highest mountain with a peak at 8.8k meters!  This was my childhood dream that I thought would never come true, but yours truly will  visit this beautiful place in October!  I’m sharing this with you so you would know that visiting Nepal is more accessible now and can definitely fit in your budget!



Mount Everest and the Roof of the world, Himalaya, seen from Mountain Flight

photo by: Erik Torner



Hotel Accommodation in Nepal via Agoda.com


You can visit the numerous Hotel Booking services online, but there’s one website I personally recommend to you.  Based on personal experience, I recommend doing your bookings with Agoda.com 


agoda hannah


You can see from the my hotel bookings: some are budget and some are luxurious stays.  That’s just page one Smile with tongue out



Not only does it give you a vast pool of Hotels in any given area, it gives you the choice as a traveler whether to go on a budget or indulge in luxurious rooms.  I booked most of my hotel accommodations via Agoda and I am highly satisfied with the security and the features of the website.  It accepts Paypal, credit card and other means.  In some cases, they allow you to reserve a room with Free Cancelation option.  More than that, you can Manage your Bookings online by yourself so that you are free to cancel or change your booking dates 24/7.  It has 4% rebate feature every time you book a hotel that you can use in your future bookings!  I actually have booked a hotel stay all from the 4% rebate I collected.  In addition, you get points and rewards when you help build the Agoda community by submitting hotel reviews during your stay.  Agoda offers offbeat prices giving you discounts and other bonuses.  I’ve been raving so much about Agoda because I personally have a great experience with them.


What’s great about Agoda.com is the community as well.  Before you book a hotel, you get to read other people’s reviews about the hotel.  Only the people who stayed in the hotel via Agoda.com can rate and writer reviews unlike other websites that are prone to “trolls.”



Hotel Choices via Agoda.com


If you want to go on a budget, you have lots of choices!





But, if you want a luxurious accommodation…




Or something in between:



Value for your money Smile

Note the additional discount Agoda gives from time to time



Agoda.com gives up to 75% discount Smile




My Hotel Accommodations


I will be staying in Kathmandu and Pokhara for 6 days 5 nights.  My goal is to just enjoy Nepal.  I didn’t plan on going many places this time.  I just plan to enjoy the nice view, the food, the people and some popular attractions.  I’m planning to paraglide along the Himalayan boarder Smile with tongue out



This is where I’ll be booked in Pokhara.

It’s actually in the book 1000 places to see before you die


Sunrise view of Machapuchare from the Fish Tail Lodge

Sunrise view from Fish-Tail Lodge, Pokhara

Photo by: youngadventure




Fish-Tail Lodge




room 18

Hotel Manaslu in Kathmandu



Hotel Manaslu






There are lots of activities you can plan on your stay in Nepal.  You can visit different areas of Nepal like Lumbini (hometown of Buddha), trek to Mount Everest Basecamp, Trek along Annapurna range, paragliding, Mt. Everest flights and many more.


I’m so excited for this trip and I will update my itinerary and maybe provide suggested itineraries for you in case you decide to visit Nepal soon.



When In Manila, dream of traveling to more places via Manila!  Your dream is within your reach!


Book your tickets to Nepal via AirAsia.

Book your hotel accommodations in Nepal, Pokhara, Kathmandu via Agoda.com