Explore Everything About Business Through This Informative TV Show ‘Business Matters’

Social responsibility is now the latest trend in the corporate world. More than the buzz, a number of companies take their corporate outreach programs seriously in action. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the heart of every company – big or small. But not everyone is familiar with CSR.

Good thing there is BUSINESS MATTERS, a TV magazine show that explores the diverse practice of Corporate Citizenship, from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as philanthropic practice to the adoption of a sustainable Inclusive Business (IB) model. The program helps tackle the issues of society in areas of nutrition, agriculture, food security, education, infrastructure, technology and environment. It proves how big businesses do their share in nation building.

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“Business Matters serves as a link of the companies to the communities across the country,” shares Executive Producer Vanessa Verzosa. “Since 2018, we’ve been consistent in our main goal of showing the other side of business by narrating stories of hope, accomplishments and vision in creating economic and societal impact in the community through corporate social responsibility.”

Now on its Season 10, BUSINESS MATTERS continues to enjoy the support of the country’s top corporations in electric distribution, manufacturing, retailing, banking, agriculture, real estate, among others. It showcases the human side of the business by focusing on good values, bringing untold stories to the viewers. Through the years, the program has reached out to far flung communities that have been deprived of the opportunities that urban areas enjoy. 

“Imagine the joy of the residents of a community that was installed with solar power, enjoying electricity for the first time,” shares Verzosa. “We really want our viewers to see that there are companies that really extend their services and resources to underprivileged communities.”

The Executive Producer shared the inspiring story of one of the scholars of a retailing company. Accordingly, the mother was not only grateful that her child finished a bachelor degree but more proud because of the changed treatment of her neighbors towards them, gaining their admiration and respect.

“Sharing inspiring stories to our viewers is given, part of the whole process,” quips the show’s director Jallawee Beritan. “But how we gather these stories is the most challenging as we go to places that put our lives in danger. Yes, it’s risky and life threatening but seeing our clients take them seriously in reaching out to these communities gives me and my production team more reasons to work harder.”


Hosted by news anchor Pinky Webb, BUSINESS MATTERS aims to prove that companies have a heart that cares.

Catch its new season premiere this coming Saturday, August 12 at 9:30 PM on CNN Philippines.

BUSINESS MATTERS airs its fresh episode every Saturday at 9:30 PM with replays on Sunday, 5:30pm and Thursday, 4:30 PM on CNN Philippines.