Experimental Street Jazz Trio Stank Tank Releases New Song “No Escape”

Written by Giles de Jesus

Stank Tank has just released their latest sonic experiment, No Escape! Watch as they explore a whole new soundscape live, through their latest video release available now on Youtube!

No Escape Cover

Have you ever had the feeling of running from something that you just can’t get away from?

Have you experienced moments of pure adrenaline, wherein your feet somehow propel you forward, without your control?

No Escape is this feeling. From beginning to end, the pace of this track does not let up. Inspired by the energy of D&B music, it keeps you on your toes, while calling to something enigmatic and looming. The tight, energetic drumming locks you in, while the bass urges you to move, creating a dissonance in your body that captivates you completely. This is then tied together by the keys, which harkens towards something both mysterious and captivating. This allows the song to completely take over, and once it ends, you realize that you were drawn into the unknown, which will forever stay inside your mind, begging the question: will you ever escape?

Video and Edit by Liga Artist Group

Stank Tank is Gabriel Dandan (bass), RJ Pineda (Keys), Alex Price (Drums)

Watch their video here: