Experience this Ethereal Watershow at Nuvali for Free

Written by April Fojas

From the group that created Borderless in Tokyo, Japan, and several other art exhibits all around the world, I introduce to you teamLab. They’re a group that aims to fuse science, technology, nature, and art. Together with AyalaLands, they bring us Nuvali teamLab Water, the first innovative interactive water show in the Philippines. GET TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THEM (This new digital museum in Tokyo is so immersive, it should be on your travel list!)!


Nuvali teamLab Water is the first show of its kind in the Philippines. It includes 4 different art shows including 2 that are interactive. You must be wondering, how exactly is this possible? Well, the geniuses behind it have created an app that you could download on both iOS and Android, called the Nuvali teamLab Water Smartphone app that allows you to immerse yourself in the shows and be part of the art, truly making it a one of a kind experience.

teamlab Nuvali app

Nuvali teamLab Water Smartphone App Photographed by Therese Aseoche

The 4 art shows are entitled Born from the Water, a Loving and Beautiful World, Water Scrolls: Genpei Yashima Battle, teamLab Interactive Fishing Party: Spin Your Fishing Wheel, and Reversible Rotation in Water. Each of these features different artworks from the brilliant artists at teamLab.

The first was a personal favorite of mine, it was interactive and it allowed you to pick kanji characters from your phone using their app and project it onto the 100m wide and 50m high fountain. The kanji characters would then transform into a part of the artwork. It was so surreal, it felt as if the kanji characters were literally jumping from your phone and into the water. The Genpei Yashima Battle was another favorite of mine it was like watching spirits come to life to tell you a story. The entire experience was magical. The way the art moved, it flowed perfectly with the water, the best way to describe the experience? Ethereal.

teamlab Nuvali christmas

A teaser for Nuvali teamLab’s Christmas Special Photographed by Therese Aseoche

The best part about this is that you get to see it totally free! No lines, no tickets, no hassle. Just a truly sublime experience for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Starting November 22, 2019, you can catch it at Globe Lakeside Nuvali all-year-round every Friday to Sunday. They will be featuring the 4 art shows every hour from 6-9 pm, the entire performance lasts 30 minutes, including a special Filipino feature in between each waiting period specifically for the Christmas season.

Excited? You should be. You definitely wouldn’t want to miss an experience like this.