Experience the Thrilling Zoobic Night Safari and be Up Close with the Tigers

WhenInManila,  you have probably  went out to have a quick out of town trip this summer. May it be at the beach, to some great resorts and whatnot with your family or friends. But if you can’t think of any place to go to for your last summer “hirit”, might as well visit Zoobic Safari to experience their Night Safari.

Honestly, it was so long time ago since I have visited a zoo, so long that I can’t remember when and where was that, but for sure it wasn’t at Manila Zoo or Malabon Zoo, or to any known zoos in  Manila as I have never been there, that I am sure. This is wild and animalistic confession eh?!

So when I got invited to check out Zoobic’s Night Safari, I realized this is the chance to get close to nature and creatures. See lions and tigers upclose (waaahhh! Richard Parker… ). and the  most thrilling part  is to encounter them when the sun is down. It feels like going out on the wild, not knowing who or what could be around you.Yay!

It was a long 4 hours drive to Zoobic at Subic from Manila and we arrived there around 7-ish in the evening. First impression? Zoobic Safari was freakin wide, thinking where the lions could probably be hiding…

DSC_1000Me and Mae with her banana on our way to Zoobic Safari!



Z    O    O    B    I    C         N   I    G   H    T        S    A    F    A    R    I

Before we entered the safari, I saw this train-like vehicles  that has bright-colored light. So excited when I knew that this will take us to our destinations to the safari! Such a magical and exciting night, I love how the kid in me just got into life again!


603462_646879798659630_1750758775_nGirls were excited to ride that Christmas-y train-like vehicle

The first stop for our Night Safari adventure was  to witness the amazing Zoobic Safari show. The performances were truly magnificentl— poy dancing, fire dancing and tribal rituals.

DSC_1161Mother Earth

DSC_1323Poy Dancers

DSC_1366Aetas did this fire-trick

We were also amazed by the animals that performed and came to the parade that night, they were all lovely and cute. During the show I was astonished by the thought of how these animals can do such great things and decipher signals just like humans. I know it was a divine power, it was a talent given by Almighty to them.