Experience Enye: Affordable and Comforting Colonial Spanish Cusine

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Looking for a chill place for brunch with the family or to wind down in with the barkada after a long day’s work? Cafe ENYE is the place to add to your checklist. This casual restaurant/bar boasts of flavors focused on the Spanish Trade Route – Morocco, Central America, Argentina and the Philippines – blended with Spanish cuisine techniques. You are sure to get creative ingredient pairings infused with local flair here.

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We usually see Spanish cuisine as traditional and intimidating, but Cafe Enye aims to provide a contemporary way of serving these comforting flavors while being affordable and un-intimidating. What you get here is a casual restaurant that serves top quality food at affordable prices.

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Callos Buns: Php135/3pcs, also available for bulk takeout orders

For starters, you should definitely try out their Callos Buns, a reinvented version of the Chinese sweet bun. Think of it as if a Chinese siopao/sweet bun and cheese bread had a baby; this would be that perfect little angel. It is sweet and savory and once you have one, you can’t stop. People order this one by the droves, and the only reason I can think of is that it’s THAT good.

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Pollo Croquettas : Php175

Another awesome appetizer is their Pollo Croquettas, which is seriously addicting. This is not just mashed potatoes, though, as Cafe Enye blends crispy marinated chicken béchamel into a nice paste and the salsa verde dip adds the right amount of spice to heighten the flavor.

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Lechon Carbonara : Php250

For some comfort food, you can NEVER GO WRONG with their Lechon Carbonara, classic pasta carbonara served warm with their homemade chicharon with the yolk sitting on top. Once you mix everything in, you get a nice creamy balance of flavors in the sauce – much like real traditional carbonara.

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Moroccan-Style Curry Paella : Php385

Of course it wouldn’t be a Spanish-influenced restaurant without some paella – and Cafe Enye’s definitely did not disappoint. Their Morrocan-Style Curry Paella perfectly explains what Cafe Enye is about. They use the Spanish disciplines of cooking, but the ingredients and spices are Morrocan and what you get is this nice blend of flavors that are comforting to the soul and tummy.

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Situated in the Mezzanine Floor of Citi Plaza, Bonifacio Global City, Cafe Enye also offers breakfast items based on the Pinoy Silog series, but with a twist. They also have some freshly baked off-the-menu items. You only have to ask their waiters for their available desserts and they’ll be happy to let you know.

Chilling with the barkada is also feasible here as their Happy Hour Vibe goes from 3pm to 7pm. They offer a small sampling of affordable tapas, and during happy hour, their local beers and cocktails start at Php55 and Php100 respectively.

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They also have an extensive menu for drinks. Choose Cosmopolitan, Mojito, non alcoholic slushies or some good old coffee – they have it all!

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Cafe Enye currently has a couple of branches, their first one in Eastwood and another situated in Bonifacio Global City. Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner or even during happy hour, you can count on Cafe Enye to serve you good food with a smile.

Cafe Enye

Mezzanine Floor, Citi Plaza, Bonifacio Global City


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